case keenum concussion

St. Louis Rams under fire for not taking necessary precautions after their quarterback Case Keenum went down hard at last Sunday’s game against Baltimore Ravens. With only a minute remaining in Sunday’s game, Ravens linebacker Elvis Sumervil jumped off side. Referees did not blow the play dead and play continues. Defensive end Timmy Jernigan got to Keenum and punished him hard. Keenum went down violently and hit his head on the ground.

As you can see from the video, Keenum having trouble getting up. Rams trainer runs to field to make sure Keenum is ok but do not remove him from the game. Anybody could clearly see Case Keenum was not in any shape to continue. Yet he comes right back in to the game and end up fumbling the ball which lead to Ravens game-winning field goal.

St. Louis Rams released the following statement regarding this issue.

“Our head trainer did go on the field and he got out there and he spoke to Case and he questioned Case and Case said he felt OK,” Fisher said. “Then our head trainer was instructed to leave the field by the officiating department. What happens with the ATC is that his responsibility is to call down and notify the officiating department if he sees anything. Well because he saw the head trainer on the field, he didn’t feel it was necessary to make the call.”

Rams headcoach Fisher said he did not see it happening.

“Had I seen that, I would have sent Reggie out there on the field and said, ‘Hey, get him off the field,'” Fisher said. “We didn’t see it. We didn’t know. That’s the issue.”