Camel Toe

Female Athletes: 100 Camel Toe Moments In Sports

By  now, everybody knows what a Camel Toe is. It is the fun term referred to the outline of a woman's labia majora seen through tight clothes or just panties. For women in sports, it is almost impossible to avoid the embarrassment...

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Dating Marisa Mendes – His Agents Daughter!

Few months back, Irina Shayk dumped Cristian0 Ronaldo because he got caught cheating on her. Now the soccer stud reportedly dating his own agent's daughter Marisa Mendes. We were told that Ronaldo has a very close relationship with his agent...
Scared Belgians Call Cops On Roma Midfielder Nainggolan

Scared Belgians Call Cops On Roma Midfielder Nainggolan

If you are a soccer fan, you know Roma midfileder Radja Nainggolan is a somewhat crazy character. Radja is famous for his dirty hits on opposing players and his flaming mohawk. On Tuesday night, Radja Nainggolan, who is a Belgium native...